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What does being Blacklisted in the Credit Industry really mean?

There is no such thing as being Blacklisted in the credit industry. The term blacklisted or blacklisting is commonly used to identify consumers who are denied access to credit due to their impaired or poor credit records.

People who incur unnecessary debt find themselves in a position where they are no longer able to service those debts in a timely manner. Failure to pay debts has long-term consequences. Your name will be registered with the credit bureaus. The next time you apply for debt, your name will be flagged, and won’t qualify for a loan.

Failing to pay off furniture you bought on credit could mean that when you’re ready to settle down, you won’t qualify for a bond. Being blacklisted by the credit bureaus can derail your future plans.

The good news is that it is possible to clear your name with the credit bureaus. It might not be an easy road ahead. However, it’s worth it for your financial future if you can get yourself on the right side of the credit bureaus.

How do I check online if I am Blacklisted?

1. Contact the National Debt Review Center and request a free debt assessment on 0410125036 or visit
2. Download the Clearscore application from your App Store.
3. Request your free credit report from all major credit bureaus (Transunion, Compuscan, XDS, Vericred, etc)
4. Visit the following websites to register and get access to free lifetime reports with credit scores. ( and and and

How do I clear my name from being Blacklisted?

1. Apply for Debt Counselling with The National Debt Review Center. or
2. Pay and close your outstanding debt.
3. Check your credit report from all major credit bureaus and dispute any wrongfully listed information.
4. Get an attorney.

South Africans are entitled to one free credit report each year. You can get this from any of the major credit bureaus. The report will tell you your score and you can also check for any mistakes.

If you have a low credit score and there are no mistakes on your account, you can still improve your credit score over time by settling overdue accounts. This won’t clear your credit record but will improve your credit score.

Reducing what you owe and paying off debt rather than moving it around will also positively affect your score.

Remember your score is based on information found in your credit report. This includes your payment history, amounts owed, activity on an account, the age of your accounts, any judgments or defaults, and enquiries about your creditworthiness. Ultimately it is your behavior that determines whether a bank or other financial institution will consider you creditworthy. The score is just a reflection of that behavior – good or bad.

I am blacklisted and I need help

You need to ask yourself;

  1. Why am I blacklisted, how did I get blacklisted and who blacklisted me? – This will enable you to have an idea of how are you going to go about clearing your name. So, get your free credit report from the above links, and analyze the information.
  2. Get the adverse information removed or updated. (Pay the outstanding amount, request a paid-up or prescription letter, and inform the creditor to update the credit bureaus.
  3. If the creditors fail to update your information, you can contact The National Credit Regulator to lay a formal complaint against the creditor or rather log a dispute with the credit bureaus and they will update your information.
  4. If you are blacklisted because you can no longer afford to pay your debt repayments then you can complete this Free Online Application for Debt Assessment to see if you qualify for debt counselling.
  5. For Debt Review Removal READ HERE
  6. For Debt Review Clearance, Certificates READ HERE

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