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fistname lastname
fistname lastname
a very hands on, very much excellent trustworthy service
venolia modjetsi
venolia modjetsi
Working with a lady called Carmen was nothing but a blessing....she put her heart into helping me with absolutely everything to ensure my name is cleared..
Annelisa Swaartbooi
Annelisa Swaartbooi
I was very frustrated and seeked assistance with debt counselling, I received assistance from Yandisa Ngoza. She was very knowledgeable in assisting me with my query. I felt so much ease after interacting with her regarding my query. She assisted me in a professional manner. I look forward to working with NDRC.
Fanie Vermaak
Fanie Vermaak
Carmen went above and beyond to assist. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Carmen was quick, efficient and very professional. They are about the client not the money they can make off the client. Carmen did in a week what a private company could not do in 4 years!
Carmen Oktober great service and kept me informed all the way
Teboho Molaoa
Teboho Molaoa
I was put under debt review by mistake on purpose in September 2022. It was a struggle to be removed from debt review and regain my credit score. Fortunately, I interacted with one of the National Debt Review Center consultant, Ms Masibulele, who was able to embark on a journey of removing my name from debt review. I would advise anyone who’s currently in the same situation as I was to communicate the NDRC urgently. It’s legitimate and accredited. Good luck
willem muller
willem muller
I had very nice and friendly serves and and all process and documents was handled very fast and efficient by the agent that assist me
Roselina Roderick
Roselina Roderick
Thank you very much to Michael for your assistance, indeed you have been so helpful and your assistance in getting me removed from Debt review is much appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I complain about a debt review company? To file a complaint against a debt review company, you must contact the National Credit Regulator (NCR). They regulate and oversee the debt review industry. Alternatively, complete the above form for The National Debt Review Center to assess and provide feedback within 24 Hours.
  2. Where do I complain about Debtbusters? If you have a complaint against Debtbusters, you can also report it to the National Credit Regulator (NCR) in South Africa. Alternatively, complete the above form for The National Debt Review Center to assess and provide feedback within 24 Hours.
  3. How do I dispute a debt review status? To dispute a debt review status, you should contact your debt counselor and provide them with the necessary information and reasons for the dispute. They can guide you through the process.
  4. What are the negatives of debt review? Debt review can negatively impact your credit score and make it challenging to access new credit while under review. It can also be a long-term commitment, affecting your financial flexibility.
  5. Can you sue someone under debt review? While someone is under debt review, their creditors cannot pursue legal action against them. However, disputes with the debt review process itself may be subject to legal proceedings.
  6. Can debt review be terminated? Yes, debt review can be terminated, but it typically requires that you settle all your debts or follow the legal process for cancellation. Learn more about debt review removal here.
  7. How do I get a debt review removed from my name? To remove a debt review from your name, you must settle all your debts included in the review or obtain a court order declaring you no longer over indebted. Learn more about debt review removal here.
  8. How do I get out of debt review without paying? You cannot exit debt review without paying.
  9. Can you lose your house under debt review? Your house may be at risk if you fail to keep up with your new debt review payments, even while under debt review. It’s crucial to continue making these payments to protect your home.
  10. Can I lose my car if I go under debt review? Similar to a house, if you don’t make your debt review monthly payments, your vehicle may be at risk, even during debt review. Keep up with your car loan obligations to prevent repossession.
  11. Can I skip one month on debt review? Debt review typically requires consistent monthly payments, so skipping a payment is generally not recommended. However, it’s crucial to communicate with your debt counsellor if you’re facing financial difficulties to explore possible solutions.
  12. How long does debt review stay on your name? Debt review will remain on your credit report for until you have successfully completed the process, you can obtain a clearance certificate or a court order, which will indicate that you’re no longer under review. Learn more about debt review removal here
  13. How much does it cost to remove debt review? The cost to remove debt review can vary depending on your specific circumstances and the debt counsellor you work with. It’s essential to discuss this with your counsellor and clarify any fees involved. The National Debt Review Center charge a fixed fee of R6000.00 vat excl
  14. Can a lawyer remove me from debt review? Yes, a lawyer can help you navigate the legal aspects of debt review and potentially assist in removing you from the process, especially if there are legal or procedural issues that need to be addressed.
  15. What is the longest you can be under debt review? The duration of debt review varies depending on the individual’s financial situation. It typically continues until all debts included in the review are fully paid off. For some, it may be a few years, while for others, it can be longer.
  16. Is debt cancelled after 7 years? In South Africa, debt is not automatically cancelled after seven years. However, negative information, such as late payments or defaults, may be removed from your credit report after a certain period. Debt review, on the other hand, can last until your debts are paid off or you have obtained a court order declaring you no longer overindebted.
  17. Can I open a bank account if I am under debt review? You can generally open a bank account even if you are under debt review.
  18. Where can I get a loan if I am under debt review? While under debt review, obtaining a new loan can be challenging. It’s important to focus on completing the debt review process and managing your existing debts before considering new loans. Learn about debt review loans.
  19. Which bank does debt review? Banks themselves don’t conduct debt reviews. Debt review is a process that involves a registered debt counsellor who assesses your financial situation and negotiates with your creditors.
  20. Can I buy a house after debt review? It is possible to buy a house after debt review, but it may take some time to rebuild your credit and save for a down payment. Your ability to secure a mortgage will depend on various factors, including your creditworthiness and financial stability.
  21. Is it true that after 7 years your credit is clear? After seven years, some negative information may be removed from your credit report, but this doesn’t mean all debts are automatically cleared. It’s essential to actively manage your finances and debts to improve your credit standing.
  22. What will my credit score be after debt review? Your credit score after debt review can vary widely depending on your financial history and how you manage your finances during and after the process. It’s important to focus on responsible financial behavior to rebuild your credit.
  23. Can you get a cell phone contract under debt review? Getting a cell phone contract while under debt review may be challenging, as it typically involves a credit check. You may need to explore options for prepaid or basic plans.
  24. Can I upgrade my Cell C contract if I am under debt review? Upgrading a Cell C contract while under debt review may also be difficult. You should discuss your specific situation with your service provider to explore available options.
  25. Is debt review permanent? Debt review is not permanent. It continues until your debts are settled, and you receive a clearance certificate. Once you’ve successfully completed the process, you are no longer under debt review.
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