Why Is Your Debt Review Not Working?

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Why Is Your Debt Review Not Working in April 10, 2024?

The National Debt Review Center

Understand, Why Is Your Debt Review Not Working

Debt review is a critical process for individuals battling with financial challenges. It serves as a lifeline for those overwhelmed by debt, offering a structured approach to managing and overcoming financial difficulties. This detailed article will explore the nuanced of debt review, examine typical traps, and offer actionable tips/practical advice on making your debt review work effectively.

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What Is Debt Review?

Debt review, also known as debt counseling, is a formal process designed to assist consumers who find it difficult to meet their debt obligations.

  1. You initiate the process by approaching a registered debt counsellor (DC). The DC evaluates your financial situation comprehensively.
  2. The DC negotiates with your creditors to create a manageable payment plan, significantly reducing your monthly payments.
  3. While under review, you’re shielded from legal actions initiated by creditors.
  4. You commit to making regular payments as per the agreed-upon plan.

The Debt Review Process Explained

The Crucial Role of a Debt Counsellor

A debt counsellor plays a pivotal role throughout the process. They:

  • The Debt Counsellor thoroughly examines your income, expenses, and outstanding debts.
  • The Debt Counsellor communicates with your creditors, negotiating revised terms and repayment schedules.
  • Based on your financial situation, the Debt Counsellor creates a practical plan tailored to your needs.
  • The Debt Counsellor guides you through every step, ensuring clarity and adherence.
Why Is Your Debt Review Not Working

Top 4 Common Reasons Why Debt Review Fails

1. Lack of Commitment

  • Issue: Failing to adhere to the agreed-upon payment plan. 
  • Solution: Consistency is crucial. Without dedication, the process of debt review will fail.

2. Inadequate Budgeting

  • Issue: A lack of realistic and manageable budgeting. 
  • Solution: Create a detailed budget that aligns with your income, expenses, and debt obligations.

3. Poor Communication

  • Issue: Neglecting open communication channels with your debt counsellor. 
  • Solution: Regularly update your debt counsellor and creditors about any changes or challenges.

4. Choosing the Wrong Debt Counsellor

  • Issue: Choosing an inexperienced debt counsellor.
  • Solution: Ensure you choose a reputable and knowledgeable professional for effective guidance.

Consequences of a Failed Debt Review

  1. Termination of Debt Review:
    • If you fail to make regular payments as agreed upon during the debt review process, your debt review may be terminated.
    • Termination leaves you vulnerable to legal action from your creditors.
  2. Loss of Protection:
    • Once debt review is terminated, creditors can proceed with various legal actions against you.
    • These actions may include asset repossession, garnishing of wages, or obtaining a judgment against you.
  3. Negative Impact on Credit Score:
    • A failed debt review can significantly harm your credit score.
    • This negative impact can affect your ability to secure credit in the future.
  4. If you have any outstanding fees with your debt counsellor, they can turn your account over to debt collectors. This action can add additional strain to your credit report, as fees from debt review are collectible and can be pursued in the same manner as other debts.

It’s crucial to stay committed to the debt review process, maintain open communication with your debt counsellor, and seek professional assistance when needed. Regaining control of your financial future requires diligence and informed choices. 

How can you Make Debt Review Work for You

Debt review can be a powerful tool for managing overwhelming debt and regaining financial control. However, achieving lasting results requires dedication and consistent effort throughout the process. Here are some key aspects to prioritize for a successful debt review journey:

Commitment to the Process

Regular and timely payments are the backbone of debt review. Sticking to the agreed-upon payment plan is essential. Think of it like building a bridge out of debt – each payment acts as a brick, steadily leading you towards financial freedom. Missing payments can disrupt the progress and potentially lead to the termination of the debt review plan.

Consistency Matters

Commitment goes beyond just making payments. Debt review is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be times when things get challenging, but consistent adherence to the plan, even during those difficult moments, is crucial. View this period as an investment in your financial future, and remain consistent with your financial decisions to reap the long-term benefits.

Realistic Budgeting

Creating a practical budget is the foundation of a successful debt review plan. This budget should realistically account for your income, all your expenses, and your debt obligations. Consider all your financial inflows and outflows, and ensure there’s enough allocated to cover essential needs and the debt review payments. A realistic budget sets you up for sustainable debt management.

Aligning with Your Reality

The budget you create should reflect your actual financial situation, not an idealized version. Factor in your current income level and any existing financial commitments. Honesty in budgeting allows for a realistic plan you can stick to, preventing unnecessary strain or missed payments.

Regular Communication is Key

Maintaining open communication with your debt counsellor and creditors is vital throughout debt review. Regular updates keep everyone informed and allow for adjustments if necessary. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you face any changes in your income or unexpected financial difficulties. Addressing challenges promptly allows your debt counsellor to work with you and creditors to find solutions that maintain the overall plan.

Choosing the Right Debt Counsellor

Selecting a reputable and experienced debt counsellor is crucial. They will be your guide throughout the debt review process, offering essential guidance and support. Choose a debt counsellor who has a proven track record of success. Research different options and choose someone you feel comfortable working with, as a strong working relationship is key to navigating the process effectively.

Prioritizing commitment, consistency, and open communication, along with a realistic budget and an informed debt counsellor, can greatly enhance your likelihood of successfully finishing the debt review process and attaining your financial objectives. Keep in mind that debt review is a journey and with dedication and the proper support structure, you can come out of it financially stronger.

Transferring to the National Debt Review Center

If you’re considering transferring to the National Debt Review Center (NDRC), here’s what you need to know:

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NDRC Reviews

187 reviews on
Yolandi Mans
Yolandi Mans
Thank you so much especially to Michael for going the extra mile, to assist me in getting my debt clearance certificate, after struggling for years, he assisted me in a couple of days and kept me up to date each step of the way. I can now live my life debt free and stress free, thanks Michael, will be forever grateful. Quick service, proffessional and they are more than just a company, they actually care about helping.
Desire Terry
Desire Terry
Michael van Heerden Thanx for you great service. We've received our clearance certificate.You were beyond the best and always friendly. We will recommend you to anyone. May God allways on your journey ahead.
Nurzahn Galant
Nurzahn Galant
Thank you Yandiswa and team for assisting me. Highly recommended!
Nolubabalo Bianca
nolubabalo bianca
I was Assisted with professional manner by Carmen she is very helpful and reliable, I'm very pleased with her patience. Results were sooner than expected too 😊
Amanda Maqoko
Amanda Maqoko
I was assisted by Michael, he made my journey comfortable and he was able to answer all my questions. I value the respect given to me in this process.
Amkela Jikwana
amkela jikwana
I would like to thank NCRDC for the assistance and I would recommend anyone to use it when you need to be assisted with things like clearance certificate. Much appreciation to Micheal who was assisting me from start until I got everything I needed, thanks a lot man.
Nandi Mhlungu
Nandi Mhlungu
I write this review with great enthusiasm because of the service i have received over the past 7 months , the most outstanding customer experience i have ever received , with every call you are made to understand the process and what will happen, the greatest part is having Michaels assistance who is always available to answer any questions u may have , everything is laid out in detail once the process has started you are made aware of every detail , you are included on every email , whatever you may not understand Michael explains , im happy to have been part of the best experience


Debt review is your lifeline. Success hinges on your commitment, informed choices, and proactive steps. Stay the course, seek professional assistance when needed, and regain control of your financial future. 

The National Debt Review Center will be with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can debt review be declined?

Yes, debt review can be declined by credit providers or your debt counsellor when you do not qualify for debt review in terms of section 86 on the National Credit Act. The debt review will also be declined when a repayment plan that was proposed to your creditors is unacceptable. In such an event, your debt counsellor will be available to provide assistance and further advice.

How do I check my debt review status?

To check your debt review status, you can request a credit report from a credit bureau like TransUnion or Experian. Your credit report will indicate whether you are still under debt review or if you have completed it. You can also contact any debt counsellor and request that they check the NCR DHS system. This system allows debt counsellor to update and check consumer debt review statuses. Lastly you can also contact the NCR on 0860627627

How can I speed up my debt review?

If your financial situation improves while you are under debt review, you can expedite the process by increasing your monthly payments or making a one-time lump sum payment. It’s important to consult with your debt counsellor to arrange the appropriate adjustments.

Can you skip debt review payment?

Skipping a debt review payment is not advisable. Debt review is a legal process, and it’s imperative to make monthly repayments consistently. Missing payments could result in the termination of your debt review protection, exposing you to potential legal action from creditors. In exceptional circumstances, creditors may permit an adjustment if there’s a change in your financial situation. Consequently, your debt counsellor would need to prepare and issue a 17.3 notice.

What is failed debt review?

Failed debt review occurs when a consumer under debt review is unable to meet their debt repayment commitments. Creditors may revert to original interest rates and payment amounts, which can be challenging for consumers who applied for debt review.

How do I remove a debt review flag?

Contact The National Debt Review Center on 0410125036 or book an appointment with one of their debt review removal experts.

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