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Looking for the best debt solutions company in South Africa?

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Debt Solutions

While your debt may seem a scary and insurmountable problem, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make your debts more manageable so that you can breathe a bit easier.

You’ll notice that we say it a lot, but it’s so important to speak up. Let your creditors know that you’re struggling, seek professional advice, and talk about your issues. This way, you’re in a better position to receive help and consideration.

We offer the following debt solutions.

  1. Debt Counselling
  2. Debt Review Removal
  3. Clearance Certificates
  4. Debt Management
  5. Free Credit Checks
  6. Free Credit Repair
  7. Debt Review Loans
  8. Blacklist Removal
  9. Reckless Lending Investigations

Choose the best debt solution for you or get in touch with us should you have questions!

You might feel overwhelmed, but you have options and there are steps you can take yourself. But if you feel you need a bit more guidance or need help quickly, simply get in touch with one of our professionals.

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The Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about our Debt Solutions

What is a debt solution?

A debt solution is a mechanism put in place to help alleviate your burden of debt or blocking you to obtain debt. The debt solution of debt counselling, through the process of debt review is the most regulated and is certainly most suited to any South African who has a permanent form of income, and who is struggling with their monthly debt installments.

Debt review is regulated by the NCR and offers over-indebted consumers the chance to become debt-free.

When do I need a debt solution?

The moment you start to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed about your financial situation – you should start considering debt solutions available to you.

Many people wait until after they have already skipped monthly installments and creditors have initiated legal proceedings against them – before they look for help. Sadly, in most instances, this is too late.

The sooner you see a debt counsellor to assess your level of over-indebtedness the better. Use this Calculator to check the state of your indebtedness for free.

What type of accounts will the debt solution of debt review help me with?

Through the process of debt review, we can help significantly lower your installments on:

Unsecured debt:
Retail (store) accounts
Credit cards
Personal loans
Vehicle loans
Secured debt:
Home loans

What are the benefits of the debt review debt solution?

• Negotiate with your creditors for lower interest rates and extended payment terms.
• Consolidate your monthly debt payments into one lower monthly installment.
• Protect you from harassment by creditors and debt collectors.
• Secure your assets against repossession.
• Ensure that you have more money available for everyday living expenses.

How do Debt Solutions Work?

To get an in-depth understanding of how debt solutions work, please visit each page of the debt solution page listed above.

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