Phone and Internet Bills

Phone and internet bills can sometimes be a challenge and in this article, we share steps to take if you’re struggling to pay a phone or internet bill.

Phone And Internet Bills

Phone and Internet Bills

Most South Africans have become so dependent on their mobile phones aka cell phones and the internet, it’s almost impossible to think about life without them. The two are essential because they enable us to obtain information and facilitate communication among one another.

If you’re having difficulties paying your monthly bill, or you’re concerned about being disconnected, don’t sit and worry, take action. Most phone and internet service providers are obliged to help people in financial difficulty, so get in touch.

Steps to take if you’re struggling to pay your cell phone or internet bill.

Contact your service provider

Contact your provider and ask what they can do to help. For example, they might agree to help you by:

  • giving you a payment plan
  • reducing your bill
  • giving you more time to pay
  • increasing your data or download limit
  • moving you to a contract that suits your needs better
  • Allowing a delay on a payment
  • Writing off your debt
  • Ask your provider if they can offer you a cheaper phone or broadband. 
Original Installment New Installment 2
Original Installment New Installment
Debt Review Removal

Speak to one of our financial counsellors

If your problem still hasn’t been solved, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, call us on 0410125036 to speak with one of our debt counsellors or take this 20-second free debt assessment to see if you qualify for debt reduction.

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You can book an appointment with one of our professionals by following these easy steps. Click the book an appointment page on the above menu or Call 0410125036 or Send a WhatsApp to 0727703674

Get the right internet plan

If you’re a single person or couple, chances are you don’t need an incredibly fast internet connection. If you’re simply watching Netflix, checking email, and scrolling through social media, you can likely get by with a subscription for 10 megabits per second.

That will let you do everything you want without any slowdown.

Got a fuller household with people streaming, playing online games, and video chatting? You’ll likely need a faster connection in the area of 20+ Mbps.

Our tips

  • Don’t use your credit card to pay your bills – this will only add to your debt
  • Don’t be tempted to go to a payday (fast loan) lender. You could end up further in debt and in even more financial difficulty.
  • Do think about a pre-paid phone plan to manage your phone and internet costs.

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